Welcome to Toyomura Electronics (HK) Co., Limited

Since our foundation in 1994, Toyomura has been committed to offering a wide selection of electronic components with a quality you can trust and at the price you expect.  Our experienced sales team is dedicated to tailor our services for customers to outsource their time-consuming and complex tasks of sourcing components in a timely manner.  We are proudly as an authorized dealer of ABLIC Corporation and Seiko Instruments Inc (SII).  With our years of experiences and local expertise, we have been developing a strong partnership with our local affiliates. Toyomura Electronics (HK) Co. Limited is a subsidiary of Toyomura Electronics Co. Ltd. in Japan that was incorporated in the year of 1956, with extensive offices dispersed in China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and India. Given our extensive partnership network and offices in the Asia region together with the support of our headquarter, we are capable of not only dealing with the local logistics in sourcing electronic parts, but keeping track of the global electronics market trend. Our experts excel in providing a complete and cost-effective sourcing solution for your electronic parts requirements. As upholding our company’s motto, we continue to accept challenges, and to stay close to the ever-changing fast-paced market trend for the best quality of service that we can provide to our valued customers.